Coach Juan Garcia’s U16 boys at the IMG Cup Invitational!

Coach Juan Garcia’s U16 boys participated in this years’ IMG Cup Invitational in the White division playing against teams from Kentucky, Ohio and Maryland.  They won their bracket with a total of 7 points out of 9.

Game 1:  West Florida Flames vs. United 1996 FC International (Kentucky)

The West Florida Flames played a brilliant game in which they maintained the majority of possession and gave United 1996 FC very few opportunities to score.  Jorge Aguilar scored a brace, with Tony Frederique and Leo Silva each getting a goal.  Prince James and Rylan Buja both recorded an assist.  Goalie Aaron Hall secured his first clean sheet of the tournament.  Final score was 4-0.

Game 2:  West Florida Flames vs. Ohio Elite BCC (Ohio South)

The Flames played a fine game with the preponderance of possession but struggled to finish.  Ohio Elite Soccer Academy provide the Flames with an own goal in the first 15 minutes.  20 minutes later OESA scored a controversial goal that tied the score into the half, 1-1.  The Flames scored early in the second half after the OESA goalie picked up a pass back from his defender.  Jorge Aguilar scored from the free kick spot.  OESA equalized 5 minutes later with a nice shot outside the box.  The game finished with a score of 2-2.

Game 3:  West Florida Flames vs. Next Level Soccer Ajax (Maryland)

The West Florida Flames played a first-rate game that concentrated on possession and attacking from all sides.  Goalie Aaron Hall maintained his second clean sheet as the boys scored 3 unanswered goals.  Overall superior showing with a Cup awarded for wining their bracket.  Goals were scored by Jake Gesuale, Rylan Buja, and Jacob McDonald.  Assists provided by Jarrod Hendrix and Tony Frederique.