Fall Soccer FAQ (Pinellas)

You have questions about the Fall Recreational Soccer season in Pinellas, we have answers

General Questions

What equipment will my child need?

This will depend on the age level and league, but the basic items are:

  • U6 players receive a T-shirt provided by the league, this is the uniform for these young players.
  • All other players will order their uniform kit direct from soccer.com.  You will receive an instruction email shortly after registering.  A basic kit consists of game shirts (2), shorts (1), and a pair of socks (1).

Families need to provide the following items:

  • Shin guards
  • Ball (appropriate size): lil’Rascal #3, Rascal & Kicker (U6) #3, Maverick (U08) #3, U10 & U12 #4, after that #5
  • Water jug
  • Cleats (soccer not baseball or football)

My child has never played soccer before, is this okay or will he/she be out of place?

This is the perfect place for your child to enter the sport. No soccer experience is required for our recreational program. The focus is fun and development.

Do I need a special Recreation Card?

No, West Florida Flames SC does not require any town recreation card. Besides registration, we collect a pre-paid volunteer deposit. We hope every member earns this back by helping out, because we need the help!!

Will my child play in the games or sit on the bench?

Fall Recreational Soccer is all about fun, participation and skill development. These goals all go hand in hand. Every child plays at a minimum 50% of every game. They will also be an active participant in practice.

Team Formation

I want to practice and play home games where I played last year

That’s fine, when you register online you will be asked where you will be playing. Indicate where your “home” field should be, you will play there.

I want to play on a team with my coach from last year

In recreational soccer we discourage “coach” requests in the younger age groups. It is very hard to form teams that are well matched (even) when players request a coach. Soccer games are more fun AND exciting when both teams are evenly matched. There will be a winner, but the win shouldn’t be too “easy”. In the travel program there is a “blind draft” that only allows for the players of the Coach, Assistant Coach and Sponsor to be “reserved”.

My son/daughter wants to play on a team with a friend

In the younger age groups we try to accommodate these requests. For ages 4-10 you can make a friend request. We don’t guarantee we will place friends on team together, but we will try. It is important that friends request each other when registering and not create long chains of requests (that would fill a single team).

What is the “Blind draft” for GYSA Travel Teams (U12+)

In the older age groups we follow a strict “Blind draft”. This is a requirement of Gulfcoast Youth Soccer Association(GYSA). All clubs in the GYSA league are bound by the blind draft. The blind draft prevents players from making any type of special request UNLESS the parent is a coach, assistant coach or team sponsor. This practice promotes teams that are “fair” which in turn makes games more exciting and fun for ALL the players. Of course there is a benefit also, teams can choose to attend the GYSA Cup Tournament post regular season. This is free to the team and you will play teams from other clubs, VERY exciting!


When do we receive uniforms

The league will provide the T-shirts for the U6 age group about one week prior to the first game. All older players will order their uniform kit directly from soccer.com.  The vendor will provide more precise timeframes but normally you should receive your uniform a few weeks after ordering it and it will be shipped directly to your address.

What equipment do we need to buy our player

Players provide their own shin guards and cleats.

Practice Questions

Do all the age groups have practice?

Yes. All age groups have practice during the week. Rascals & Kickers have a “training night” led by John Orr, our Director of Coaching (recreational). Rascals & Kicker Academy is on Tuesday’s at Putnam Park (typically) and Wednesday’s at East Lake fields. For all other age groups practice is dependent on the coach players, parents and field space. Players are welcome to attend either or BOTH depending on your desire.  Youth U08 players can choose to attend a FREE clinic in season.

What night do the teams practice?

The practice schedule in not set until the coaches meeting which is held the week after registration closes. The coaches determine the best night for practice based on their availability.

Can we request a practice night?

It is preferred that you request a night for which you can not practice. This allows the volunteer coach a level of flexibility when structuring teams and still allows us to support individual needs/limitations.

I cannot practice on a (pick a day), what should I do?

When you sign up let us know nights you will have conflicts. We will try to place you on a team that doesn’t practice on this night.


I am willing to coach, what do I do?

Sign up, if you have questions contact our recreational director of coaching John Orr (John.Orr@westfloridapremier.com).  We are always in need of enthusiastic and qualified coaches.  Take the opportunity to volunteer to coach at the time of player registration.  No experience necessary, we will train coaches.  Some of our best coaches never played soccer as a youth, all have taken the time to learn the game and are natural “teachers”.  Check the Role of the Coach for young teams (click)

Why do I have to pay a volunteer deposit in addition to registration?

Offering a youth soccer program takes thousands of volunteer hours, when you consider everyones time. We cannot do it alone, visit this location for complete details why we collect this deposit and how to earn it back (click)

How do I volunteer to earn back my volunteer deposit?

Go to the volunteer page of the website.  All the volunteer opportunities are listed in this location.  You can sign-up for non-coaching volunteer opportunities from this page and earn back your volunteer deposit.  We are constantly adding opportunities to volunteer throughout the season.  Often times a parent will wait until they have practice or game schedules before volunteering, which is fine.

I have completed my volunteer hours, how do I get my money back?

Fill out this form (click) and your money will be refunded right away.