Policy – Financial Aid

West Florida Flames Soccer Club strives to provide an opportunity to play soccer despite financial limitations.  We offer a variety of programs which allow players and their families (and friends) to raise funds helping to pay player fees and other soccer related expenses. There are a few ways we help families afford soccer:

Spread your payment over multiple months .  This is an option you can choose when registering your child and there is no need to ask permission, do what works best for your finances.

Work to earn money for a player account .  This is money you earn to offset soccer registration or other soccer expenses (i.e. uniforms).  We have crews that work Buc’s Concession and other events.   Contact Andres Gonzalez, amg22@gmac.com for more information.

Financial Aid is available for families with proven financial need.  The funds available for Financial Aid are limited. We want to help the most families possible therefore we award more partial grants than fewer full grants. Our Financial Aid is “need based”, we grant financial aid based on financial need, not “scholarships” based on soccer-ability.  Financial aid requires submitting our online Financial Aid online application (click).