How do I become a referee?

FSRWest Florida Flames has need for many referee’s in season for both league and tournament events.  To become a referee you are trained and certified by “Florida State Referees” (FSR).  FSR is a sanctioned member of United States Soccer Federation (USSF).

The first step to becoming a referee is to get certified:

  1. visit the FSR website (
  2. read the “how to become a referee” section on their website
  3. Register for a “new referee course” from their website
  4. Attend and pass the course

Once you have passed the course there are a couple more steps to be ready to referee for West Florida Flames:

  • Make sure you are listed as a certified referee on the FSR database, which can take 6 weeks from passing the course
  • Contact Florida Youth Soccer Association ( to acquire a GotSoccer account for referee’s
  • Once you have your gotsoccer account you can log in and “Risk Verify”.  For referee’s under 18 this is a simple age verification.
  • You will need a referee uniform and flags.  Once you have these you are ready and can start taking games.  To take games for West Florida Flames register with us by following instructions here (click).