Lil’ Rascals (Brandon)


Dear Parents,

West Florida Flames, are happy to introduce our Lil’ Rascals(3 year olds) program to our Brandon location. We invite you to all to a ‘free’ introductory session on Saturday February 22. We will have a session at 9.30am, which is full at this time.  To handle the demand we have added 10.15am session, which is limited to 20 children so sign-up early.

Please complete the form below to register for the free session, and then bring out your little ones dressed for action, thrills and spills. Shin guards are not required, but please bring a size 3 ball.

Please remember, it is perfectly OK to stay with your child at these sessions, some children will need this connection as they get used to the activities, when they are ready, they will let you know. Some little ones will just jump right in, for others it will take a few sessions or a few seasons…..this program allows you to expose your child to the game of soccer in small doses, if they become overwhelmed just have them take a break and try again with another activity or the next session.

We will be keeping to basic soccer related activities; the emphasis will be on letting the kids come out and have ‘FUN’, we want them to learn how to play the game in a pressure free and relaxed environment. Dribbling is the soccer skill that we will be concentrating on at first, we will introduce them to the correct kicking technique as we move along, passing will be introduced in later programs (we will teach them the basic passing technique), they are just not developmentally ready yet. This is the ‘me’ age, they want the ball to themselves and that is just fine!

Please ensure that the little ones bring a size 3 ball and fluids for the frequent water breaks. Please be patient with them, it is going to take some time for them to resemble ‘real’ soccer players, we will start off by making them feel comfortable with the ball at their feet (but not looking down) As they become comfortable with the ball, they will become confident, and once we have confident players we can develop ‘creative’ players…players that that can make a difference out on the field.

More information about our Lil’ Rascals program be found here to register for the free session complete the below form

Registration is now CLOSED

See you soon!

John Orr
West Florida Flames