Competitive Program Information


Categories Competitive Competitive Competitve Competitve
Teams & Leagues Girls DA NPL/R3PL/FSPL CDL USA
Ages of Participants 13 to 18 years old 12 to 18 years old 7 to 18 years old 7 to 18 years old
Season Timeframe August-June August-July 35+ weeks 35+ weeks
Trainings per week 4 required 2 to 3 2 2
Technical sessions Yes Yes Yes Yes
Goalkeeping Training Yes Yes Yes Yes
Travel distance for Games Nationally Southeast State Western FL
Players on field for Game 11 11 7-11 based on age 7-11 based on age
State Cup/President's Cup/Commissioner's Cup No State Cup President's Commissioner's Commissioner's
Coaches Licensed & Paid Licensed & Paid Licensed & Paid Both Paid & Volunteer
Program Pricing for year $1,750 $1,395 $675 - $1,195 $675 - $895
Financial Assistance  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Time-off non H.S. (no games)  10 month season Dec./June/July Dec./June/July  Dec./June/July 
Time-off H.S. ages     During H.S. season    During H.S. season During H.S. season
Referee Fees Paid by DA Paid by Team Paid by Team Paid by Team
Uniform/Cost Adidas/$320-$340 Adidas/$320-$340 Adidas/$320-$340 Adidas/$320-$340