2019-2020 Recreational Discount Bundle – Brandon Campus


2019-2020 In House Recreational Programs

We again welcome our members and participating families to utilize the Recreational Bundle discount packages. Enjoy the convenience and discounts of one-time easy online registration for the entire Recreational Calendar. Now you can choose for a one discounted payment or divide the fees into smaller payments over a few months.

When you sign up for each season (Fall or Winter) you will have the option to bundle the seasons together for a discounted price. This option will occur when you register via Got Soccer for each season. See links on the side panel.

Fall Recreational In House – Players born 2014 through 2007:  6 games, mid-September through late October.

Winter Recreational In House Players born 2014 through 2007:  Practice begins mid-November, games begin first week in December and end first week in March.

Spring Recreational In House – Players born 2014 through 2007:  6 games, April through May.

All players are required to purchase a new uniform for the 2018-2019 season. If you are new to West Florida, you will have to buy a new uniform. Returning players are in the second year of the new uniform cycle.

Uniform Policy:  All players in our club and recreational programs will be wearing the Adidas club uniform selected for quality and durability. These uniforms are to be worn during the entire year in each recreational program. Returning players may wear their existing uniforms but will receive info to update or re-order if desired. Our partnership with Soccer.com and Adidas will allow our members to order online and shipped directly to your house. Please note that shortly after registration, each member will receive an ordering link with details on the required gear as well as tons of club and spirit gear for the entire family.

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If you have any additional questions, please contact our Director of Classic Soccer, Rocco Pecora at rpecora@flamesfc.com