Team Photo’s (Pinellas)

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Fall Season picture day will be November 14th and November 21th (Make up).  Picture day attendance is mandatory for both coaches and players.  We need team pictures to complete deliverables for team sponsors.  We will post picture day schedules on this page when available.

Check out the photo’s of the East Lake and Palm Harbor Recreational Soccer teams from our facebook page, here is a little video showing the photo’s from the fall 2013-2014 season.

Picture Day Instructions:

  • All pictures will be taken at East Lake Meadows (directions)
  • Please review the given with uniforms, additional order envelopes will be available when you check in.
  • It is important that all teams show up ON TIME and ready to go.
  • As soon as a team arrives, coaches should check in at the tent.
  • Please do not wait for your team to be complete to check in.
  • Sports Photo will start on individual pictures first while the rest of the team arrives.
  • If you have questions contact Sports Photo directly at 813-926-0300 during normal business hours.  Please note only the coach can change a picture time.

Picture Day Schedule:

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