Florida Ticket Firm Steps Up as a Sponsor for the Flames


West Florida Flames would like to
introduce one of our newest sponsors.

How’s Your Driving?™ Florida Ticket Firm is a traffic ticket and criminal defense law firm with offices in Fort Lauderdale and Tampa.  Florida Ticket Firm focuses on defending those accused of speeding, traffic violations, DUI, traffic crimes, misdemeanor crimes and
various other criminal offenses.  Florida Ticket Firm advises that individuals should not simply pay a traffic ticket without a fight. 
Florida Ticket Firm (
http://floridaticketfirm.com/) seeks to ensure that any of its clients who are charged with a traffic violation receive no points on their driving record, no time spent in driving school and no time spent in court.  Let Florida Ticket Firm fight for you.  You can reach Florida Ticket Firm by phone at 813.276.6000 or 844.FLA.FIRM or via email at info@FloridaTicketFirm.com.