Team Check In Process (Fall Classic)

adidas Fall Classic Tournament

Check in Procedures

Please check in online, by submitting your roster,  and player passes (including guest player passes/forms)  electronically. You also need to confirm you have medical releases. Once your check in has been submitted we’ll then check information and send you a approved roster which you will need to print out 4 times and bring with you to the Tournament. If you forget to bring the rosters we can print them for you at $5 per roster. Please note that online check-in closes 3 days before the tournament.

Tournament Day – What to Bring

In order to make the pre-tournament registration process as smooth as possible please have all player passes, medical releases and rosters in alphabetical order.


Bring five (5) copies.  Official state or league generated rosters are acceptable.  All players NOT listed on your official league roster must have 5 copies of the accompanying guest player formGuest player forms must be attached to the official computer generated roster and signed by the guest player’s Club Registrar.  Please also handwrite the guests on each official computer generated roster.  Without a correctly executed guest player form the guest player may not be able to play.  Guest players from within your own club should be added to your tournament roster by your club registrar.

Guest players

  • U8 thru U10 – Three (3) players
  • U11thru U12 – Four (4) players
  • U13 thru U19 – Five (5) players

Medical Release Form

Every rostered or guest player must have a signed medical release at check in.  Please organize in alphabetical order.  Medical release forms need only to be notarized if there is a place on the form for notarization.

Coaches & Player Passes

All coaches & players must have valid, laminated player passes with pictures.  Please organize in alphabetical order. Should a player pass be missing, that player is unable to play.


Coaches are responsible for giving the referees player passes and a stamped approved roster at the start of each game.  Please remember that any team arriving 15 minutes after their designated kick off may be subject to a forfeit.