Online Team Check In Information


Team Check In Information – Club Cup Challenge 2022

Please review all information below:

All teams are required to check in online (NO SATURDAY CHECK IN).

Guest Player is defined as a player from another club. Guest players need an electronic Guest Player Form provided by the sending club and the guest player(s) are to be handwritten on the official roster.  A Club Pass player is a player from within your own club.  Club Pass players do NOT need guest player forms and do not count towards your guest player total. Club pass players are to be pre-printed on the roster. Contact your club registrar for help with this. All Guest and Club Pass players must be recreational players. No competitive players are allowed.


All teams must upload their documents for online check in by Sunday, January 23rd. Once verified, Stamped, Approved Rosters will be available to print in your Got Sport account.  Please print 4 copies of your Approved Roster – you will turn in 1 copy to the referee at each game. For those not familiar with this process on the new GotSport system, please see the instructions below.

Go to

·Login in upper right corner

·Click the ‘Team Management tab at the top

·Choose your team

·Click on ‘Team Registrations’

·Click on the ‘Club Cup Challenge 2022’

·Click ‘Registration’

·Click the orange Edit button

·Upload ‘Official Team Roster’ in pdf format

·Upload ‘Player and Coach ID Cards’ in pdf format

     o Both of the above documents can be found in the team account. Check with your club registrar if you are not familiar with this

·Once the Official Roster has been reviewed by the tournament staff you will find a ‘Stamped, Approved Roster’ to print 4 copies. Bring 1 to each game and turn in to the referee