Flames join Development Player League, Announce Staffing

Flames join Development Player League, Announce Staffing





The West Florida Flames Leadership has decided to participate within the Development Player League. The DPL is a Nationally Recognized program by U.S. Soccer serving as a platform that focuses on player development initiatives with the aim of helping players continue their growth. The DPL provides National College Showcase Events and expands player opportunities for external college showcases. We feel that participation within the Development Player League is a better structure that fits the needs of our players and our community. The DPL will provide the structure, competition and showcase events that will continue to allow our players to develop into collegiate level athletes. Our current West Florida Flames internal structure, enables us to continue to develop elite level players in the most comprehensive and efficient way. 

In the past 6 years, we have graduated 148 players from all program offerings (NPL, ECNL, DA) that have gone on to play at some of the best colleges in the country; 98 players into DI programs, 27 Power 5 Conference players, 35 Division II, 15 Others (DIII, NAIA, JUCO). We have continued to develop national team level players participating in various International Federations. 15 West Florida Flames players have participated in youth World Cups, CONCACAF Championships, Women’s World Cup Qualifiers, and Pan American Games. 

During the past two and half years in the Girls’ Development Academy, we have maintained lengthy and thorough discussions regarding our current structure and future plans. In past review, U.S. Soccer has confirmed that we at WFF provide some of the best programming in the country, even though we believe players should stay committed to elite player development all year round. We feel our players should also have a choice, the choice to play high school sports should be one of the individuals’ choice not that of a governing body. The Development Academy does not allow this choice. The Development Academy stance on participating in other outside competition such as ODP, College Showcases, or internal club teams to ensure more playing time for players returning to play or players within a developmental plan limits our ability to properly invest in ALL our players. We felt that it would be very difficult for our club to continue within the Development Academy given U.S. Soccer’s current model and player restrictive rules.

Founded on the ideology of the full DA program, the DPL provides a development structure that focuses on playing more meaningful games with highly professional game day environment, more training, high level coaching, development before winning attitude, and great exposure in major college showcases events. The DPL will provide the best platform available to our players with our end goal in mind. Our Goal is to continue to provide the best training and player development for ALL players and make sure we help them get into the best colleges in the country and beyond. 






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Ashani Fairclough



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