U11 Girls Elite – FYSA Presidents Cup Champions.

When the U11 girls of the West Florida Flames began their journey this season, they did so with an idea of what it would take to be a championship caliber team. What remained to be seen, however, was whether or not they could take the idea of being a champion, and transform that idea into a reality. As the regular season came to close, and the team advanced through the knock out rounds of the Region C tournament, the players began to exhibit many of the qualities that are associated with teams that have found success and with their coach’s confidence in them whispering in their ears to “never go down”. The girls were confident, determined, trusted each other, and their coach implicitly, and having earned the right to be called champions of Region C, were eager to face their next opponent in arguably the biggest event of the season, Presidents Cup. Their matches against Florida Elite Soccer Academy, and Coral Estates Soccer Academy, started out in nearly the same fashion. The Flames would surrender a goal early in each match, only to then battle back and score the equalizer minutes before half time. Within moments after the start of the second half, the Flames would take control of each match, denying their opponents the ability to mount a comeback of their own.

For months the girls had been told about the idea of being champions, and what they would have to do as a team to get there. With the raising of the Presidents Cup trophy, the members of the U11 West Florida Flames could now enjoy the reality of being champions.