Volunteer Deposit FAQs

A volunteer deposit is paid at the time of registration.  Volunteering for 5 hours earns back the volunteer deposit for the entire family regardless of the number of players or program.  You cannot earn back more than was paid in.

How exactly do I get my money back?

  1. Volunteer and help out with soccer for 5 hours
  2. Fill out the form (click)
  3. At the beginning of each month (once a month) checks written and mailed by a volunteer just like yourself.

How will I know the volunteering I can do?

You can sign up right now volunteer opportunities are posted online on our website (click). We are constantly adding new needs so you can check back later. We have NEVER filled every volunteer opportunity in season, there is always something available to do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have a volunteer deposit?

Great question, because it is an amount that isn’t to hard to part with but enough to want back.  A volunteer deposit was implemented after many years of trying to find volunteers for the many hours (thousands of hours) required to offer soccer for youth players.  Without the “held” funds it was very hard to find volunteers.  Many hands make for light work.

Do I have to volunteer?

No, but if you don’t volunteer your deposit is forfeited and this is your “buy out”.   Many parents like to relax talk to friends on the sidelines and not be “forced” to miss the player action.

If I don’t volunteer where does the money go?

Straight back into the program to enhance the soccer experience for players.

If I volunteer but “donate” my volunteer deposit to West Florida Flames SC, where does the money go?

To scholarship players who wouldn’t be able to play soccer otherwise.

Does one member of the family have to do all the volunteering?

No, if a mother and father volunteer for 2.5 hours (together or separately) that is considered 5 hours for the family.

Can a member bring a teenage son/daughter to help earn back the deposit?

Absolutely, we just need the help, if this works for the family, it works for us.

Can a teenage son/daughter volunteer FOR the family?

Absolutely, WFFSC needs help, who is helping isn’t as important.  The volunteer activity needs to be age appropriate.  This works well for volunteering on opening day.

What if I have more than one child playing soccer?

No matter how many children you have playing at the club and no matter the programs they play in your total volunteer commitment is 5 hours. You can be the team manager for a team and earn back ALL the volunteer deposits for every child. We need help more than we need your money.

Last year no one ever called me about volunteering?

Nobody is chasing parents to volunteer.  There is no way to know if not volunteering was a “buy-out”.  The burden is on you to find a volunteer activity.  We need help so post volunteer opportunities on the website.  These positions are filled first come first serve.

How long do I have to volunteer and receive my volunteer deposit back?

Your volunteer hours are fulfilled in-season.  You have 30 days after the last regular season game to submit for your  refund.  You don’t have to wait until the end of the season, submit for your refund as soon as you fulfill the hours.

I checked online is there anything else I can do?

You know the obvious choices, here are some not so obvious choices:

  • Parents with accounting skills are in high demand
  • Basically most skills are in high demand (electricians, light carpentry, computers etc…)
  • A parent who enjoys gardening could help design and plant around the concession stand.  WFFSC provides the materials and the volunteer provides the labor.  This can be as small or large as you wish.
  • We would love to offer a “boot swap”.  A player rarely wears out cleats before they out grow them.  With this type of service you could “trade” cleats, if you want.  A great idea, but we need a volunteer.  This project is of a defined length, a one or two day boot swap before the season starts.
  • Anytime you hear or think, “somebody really should…”.  You could be that somebody, that’s a volunteer opportunity.
  • Anytime you hear or think “wouldn’t it be nice if…”, that’s a volunteer opportunity, we want to make the programs and facilities as good as they can be.  Examples of these types of projects are the Kick Wall Mural, dedicated U6 fields, the tiling in the restrooms, painting, etc….  And rest assured just because you do a task once DOESN’T mean you have to do the same thing again, but you can.
  • West Florida Flames SC is a volunteer organization that you are a member of.  There are no paid employees with the full-time focus to think of everything, we need your help and appreciated it.

Thank you for volunteering!!